Water Cistern. The cistern was treated with plaster to a height of 1 m below its opening, and its upper part may have been plastered in the past. To the east of the cistern’s opening was a smoothed natural stone surface that sloped in the direction of the opening (L9; Fig. 4) and drained runoff into the cistern.
Rock-hewn Cupmarks (L2–L4; Figs. 5, 6).
Rock-hewn Basin (L5; Fig. 2).
Field Wall (W6; Figs. 7, 8). The wall was aligned northwest–southeast and was built of a single course of large fieldstones (length c. 1 m) founded on natural bedrock.
Stone Surface. A basin was situated along the northern side of the surface (L7; Figs. 3, 9).
Stone Surface. The surface was flat and smoothed in the northeast, and a basin was hewn in its southwest (L8; Figs. 10, 11). The smoothed portion of the surface sloped toward the basin and conveyed runoff into it.
Rectangular Quarry (L10; Figs. 12, 13). Several stones that had not been detached from the bedrock surface were found in situ on the eastern side of the quarry. Hewn severance channels were noted around the stones (Safrai and Sasson 2001; Sion et al. 2011).
Stone Surface (L14). On the western side of the surface was a basin used to collect runoff and on its eastern side was a hewn cupmark (Figs. 3, 14).
Animal Pen. The enclosure was built of fieldstones (L15; length c. 1 m, c. 90 sq m; Fig. 12). Its eastern side was a rock shelter, which was also the western boundary of Quarry 10.
The dating of the installations is unclear due to the absence of any diagnostic finds. Similar agricultural installations were exposed in the archaeological sites and the ancient ruins surrounding the excavation area, where there is evidence of settlement from the end of the Hellenistic through the Byzantine and Early Islamic periods, and in the Ottoman period. Thus, it seems that the finds from the current excavation should be ascribed to these periods. The excavated installations probably represent the boundaries of one of the nearby settlements, possibly Horbat Bizqa, located c. 1 km to the south.