No antiquities were found along most of the survey route. Four sites were discovered where there were scant finds:
1. Map ref. 18897/63710. A concentration of tabun or kiln material (diam. 50 m) in a vineyard, on the western slope of a moderate hill.
2. Map ref. 18905/63705. Pottery sherds and modern(?) roof tiles scattered on a hilltop for a distance of c. 100 m.
3. Map ref. 18990–9120/63600–40. Flint tools and flakes scattered in a field on the eastern bank of Nahal Shaham.
4. Map ref. 18966/63675. A simple winepress hewn in the nari rock was documented to the north of the examined survey route, near Highway 411. The installation consists of a treading floor (c. 2 × 2 m) and an adjacent collecting vat filled with soil. A modern metal pipe set in concrete was installed in the groove between the treading floor and the vat. Other winepresses and an ancient settlement site were previously found north of Highway 411, in the vicinity of Bet Herzl in the Hulda Forest.