During August 2001 a trial excavation (10 × 10 m) was conducted 300 m to the east of the Ben-Shemen interchange (Permit No. A-3485*; map ref. NIG 1942/6446; OIG 1442/1446) prior to setting an electric pole. A rectangular hewn opening in the kirton bedrock, blocked with a stone, was discovered. An elliptical shaft (c. 0.6 × 0.9 m) led down from the opening to a rock-cut, bell-shaped pit (diam. c. 2 m), which was empty, devoid of potsherds or plaster and its floor was covered with stone chips. The location of the electric pole was changed and the pit was not excavated. It may have been an incomplete grain silo, or alternatively, part of a hiding complex.