Ramat Hovav, Nahal Na‘im

Noa Shaul and Alexander Fraiberg
Final Report
During January 2010, a salvage excavation was conducted in the Ramat Hovav industrial zone (Permit No. A-5802; map ref. 179935/559620), prior to constructing additional evaporation pools. The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and underwritten by the Israel Bromide Compounds Company, was directed by N. Sha’ul and A. Fraiberg, with the assistance of Y. el-Amorr (administration), A. Hajian and T. Kornfeld (surveying and drafting), Y. Baumgarten (GPS), A. Peretz (field photography) and N.S. Paran (Central Negev District antiquities inspector).
The excavation was conducted in the wake of a survey performed in 2009 (License No. S-144/2009). Four squares (2 × 2 m) were opened where clusters of stones, flint tools and potsherds from the Early Bronze Age were visible on the surface, as well as changes in the color of the soil.
After excavating to a depth of 0.4 m, it was ascertained that the only finds were those collected on the surface. The excavation area was probably a temporary encampment that had been severely damaged by the construction of the evaporation pools. The finds were probably transmitted here from a nearby site.
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