Two sites were discovered in a development survey, conducted by L. Barda on behalf of the Antiquities Authority, in the sand dunes near Gan Soreq (License No. G-59/01*; map ref. NIG 1770–85/6505–15; OIG 1270–85/1505–15). One site (map ref. NIG 17810–28/65095–137; OIG 12810–28/15095–137) is situated on a protruding outcrop of hamra. Kurkar blocks, a fragment of a basalt bowl and potsherds from the Hellenistic, Early Roman and Mamluk periods were found. The second site (map ref. NIG 17774–89/65097–110; OIG 12774–89/15097–110) is located on a hamra hill. Kurkar blocks that were utilized for construction, fragments of pottery vessels from the Persian, Hellenistic and Roman periods and flint flakes, as well as other implements of the Paleolithic period, were collected.