A development survey, on behalf of the Antiquities Authority, was conducted by M. Haiman and L. Barda, assisted by G. Birman, on the proposed route of Highway 20 in Modi‘in (License No. G-114/2001*; map ref. NIG 1952–2000/6434–74; OIG 1452–1500/1434–74). Farming terraces and three rectangular watchman’s huts (each c. 2 × 3 m) built of large stones were discovered on the eastern slope of Horbat Hammim. Other antiquities surveyed included two simple winepresses that consisted of a small treading surface (c. 2.0 × 2.5 m) and a rectangular collecting vat; two hewn burial caves, with a rectangular entry and a hewn forecourt, and a section of an ancient road (width 2.5–3.0 m), delimited by two curbs built of large stones. Flint flakes and potsherds, dating to the Roman and Byzantine periods, were scattered across surface.