Jerusalim, Kh. Umm Tuba

Zubair ‘Adawi and Anna Eirikh-Rose
Extended report
In July and October 2010, two columbarium caves were excavated along the outskirts of Khirbat Umm Tuba in the south of Jerusalem (Permit Nos. A-5856, A-6035; map refs. 626325–35/222155–65, 626370–80/221760–70), prior to construction and infrastructure work. The excavations, undertaken by the Israel Antiquities Authority, were directed by Z. ‘Adawi and A. Eirikh-Rose. D.T. Ariel identified the coins, and Y. Nagar studied the human bone remains. One of the caves was converted into a water reservoir, and a burial cave was later hewn into it; the other cave seems to have been a cistern converted into a columbarium. The pottery finds date from the Iron Age 2, and the Hellenistic, Late Roman and Byzantine periods.


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