Thirty five archaeological features were surveyed. In the eastern part of the survey area, a concentration of stone clearance heaps, some of which might be cairns (1–3, 5, 8, 9, 11–14), were found. Among the heaps were the remains of a field watchtower (7) and nearby agricultural terraces (4, 6, 10). Further to the west were rock-cuttings or pits (15, 16), the purpose of which is unclear. Long, flat stone clearance heaps (17–23), agricultural terraces (24–27) and a cave opening (? 30) were documented in the central part of the survey area. Only stone clearance heaps (28, 29, 31–35) were found in the western part of the survey.
Apart from worn pottery sherds and burnt flint flakes that were non-diagnostic, no other finds were discovered in the survey. The survey area was part of the farmland of the adjacent settlement sites, such as Horbat Pundaq, located slightly south of where the survey was conducted. Due to the limited extent of the survey it was not possible to evaluate the broader context of the finds.