Khirbat Umm el-‘Umdan

Vladimir Zbenovich
Extended report

In November–December 1998 and in February–March 1999, two salvage excavations were carried out at Site F3 at Khirbat Umm el-‘Umdan, now within the Ha-Shevatim neighborhood in Modi‘in (Buchman compound [south]; Permit Nos. A-2966, A-3020; map ref. 20075–100/64375–400; Golani and Zbenovich 2001). The excavation, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, was directed by A. Golani and V. Zbenovich. A large assemblage of Pre-Pottery Neolithic A flint items was collected.

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Golani A. and Zbenovich V. 2001. Modi‘in. HA-ESI 113:69*–70*.
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