Oren Zingboym, Dina Avshalom-Gorni and Shmuel Bar Lev
Extended report
 Two salvage excavations were conducted at Fakhura, north of Qazrin: an Antiquities Department excavation directed by S. Bar Lev in 1972, by (License No. K-7/1972; map ref. 264285/767491; Bar Lev 1973a; 1973b), and an IAA excavation directed by O. Zingboym and D. Avshalom-Gorni in 2005 (Permit No. A-4528; map ref. 264260/767450; Zingboym and Avshalom-Gorni 2009). The coins were studied by Ya'akov Meshorer and Gabriela BijovskyThe excavations revealed buildings belonging to a rural Jewish settlement from the Roman and Early Byzantine Periods.
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