1–8. The sites are within the boundaries of Khirbat Gharashliya, in which remains of walls built of dressed stones and potsherd scatterings from the Mamluk period were documented. Prior to the survey, a section of a wall built of dressed stones and potsherds from the Mamluk period were exposed in an unauthorized illegal dig at Site 6, for the purpose of widening a dirt road.
9 and 11. Plastered, rock-hewn cisterns.
10. Natural cave.
12. Various rock-cuttings.
13. A complex of four rock-hewn winepresses, each consisting of a treading floor and a collecting vat (Fig. 2).
14. Two rock-hewn cupmarks (Fig. 3).
Probe Trenches. Ancient remains, including dressed stones and potsherds dating to the Mamluk period, were discovered in five of the trenches (143, 151, 161–163), all within the precincts of Khirbat Gharashliya.