In the excavation area (c. 25 sq m; Figs. 2, 3), a hewn bedrock wall (length 3.5 m, height 1.1 m; Fig. 4) was discovered. The central part of the wall sustained damage when a trench was cut through it prior to installing electricity pipelines. West of the rock-cut wall was a smoothed bedrock surface (L103); a severance channel (L104, length 1.1 m, depth 0.2 m; Fig. 5) could be discerned in its northern part. East of the wall was a hewn channel (L101, width 0.4 m; Fig. 6), in which two quarrying steps were discerned. The excavation area probably represents the continuation of the large quarry exposed 40 m to its north (Zilberbod and Rapuano 2011).

Zilberbod I. and Rapuano Y. 2011. Jerusalem, Arzei Ha-Bira. HA-ESI 123.