Sixteen rock-hewn complexes were found on the upper terrace, including quarries (Sites 1, 2, 11; Fig. 2), caves (Sites 3, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13), a winepress (Site 4), pits (Sites 5, 6; Fig. 3) and tether installations (Sites 7, 8; Fig. 4).
Signs of rock cuttings (Site 14), a quarry (Site 15) and a hewn pit (Site 16) were documented on the bottom terrace.
The rock-hewn complexes identified on the upper and lower terraces are typical phenomena that occur along the fringes of settlement sites. The known settlement sites in the vicinity of these rock-cuttings are ‘Amqa to the north and the site of Bet Ha-‘Emeq (Ard el-Butani) to the south. 
At this stage, it is not possible to date the documented complexes.