1. Map ref. 181466/502579. Remains of a rectangular building (4×22 m; Fig. 2) on the Ramon Crater cliff. The structure’s eastern wall was not preserved. A tumulus is located in the northern part of the building (Fig. 3).
2. Map ref. 181735/503469. An elliptical animal pen (15×21 m; Fig. 4), built of fieldstones.
3. Map ref. 181630/503486. Two modern tombs (c. 1×2 m), situated c. 1 m apart. Gravestones facing east are at the head of the northern tomb (Fig. 5).
4. Map ref. 181162/502896. Remains of a rectangular building (4–5×18 m) on a hilltop situated on the cliff. The building becomes wider toward the west. A tumulus is located in the western part of the building (Fig. 6).
The two structures documented in the survey were built on a high cliff, near an ancient road, as was characteristic in the desert region during the Early Bronze Age. Ancient roads with similar rectangular buildings alongside them are known throughout the Negev.