To better understand the size, nature, and extent of the site, the current excavation was focused on widening the unexcavated borders, in addition to the removal of floors and balks remaining from the previous excavation. Four squares and five probes were opened to the north, east, and south of the previous excavation area. To the north and east, the natural bedrock was found almost directly under topsoil. No architectural remains were preserved, although many potsherds, mostly body fragments of Early Bronze Age IB date, were uncovered.
The excavation was halted abruptly due to continuous protesting from the local residents. The limited scope and extent of the excavation did not allow for solid renewed conclusions about the site. Since its greater part was uncovered during the previous exaction, it forms the sole base for understanding the site. As no new architectural remains were found, conclusions about the size and nature of the site are largely based on the previous work.