Stratum III. Wall remains (W101, W108) built of medium and large fieldstones were exposed. A tamped white chalk floor (L102; Fig. 3) abutted the walls. Pottery dating to the Middle Bronze Age II was found on the floor, including bowls (Fig. 4:1, 2), cooking pots (Fig. 4:3–5), jars (Fig. 4:6–8) and a pithos (Fig. 4:9). These remains might belong to the ancient settlement of Yaham.
Stratum II. Stone collapse (L106; Fig 5) was exposed in the northeastern corner of the square; it postdated Stratum III, but cannot be dated.
Stratum I. A pit grave covered with medium-sized stones (L104; Fig. 6) was revealed, but not excavated. Similar graves dating to the Ottoman period had been excavated in the past east and north of the current excavation area (Mokary and Gal 2002:102–103).

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