The outpost included an elongated room (L101; 4.5×9.5 m, depth 2 m), reached by way of three rock-cut steps (width 1 m; Fig. 3) along a curved route from the northwest. An opening (L104; width 1 m) hewn in the southwestern side of Room 101 led to a long trench (L103, L106, L107; length 17 m, width 1 m, depth 1.5 m; Fig. 4) that sloped to the south in conformance with the incline of the bedrock. This trench split into two, a short trench that led to a circular room (L105; diam. 2.5 m, depth 1.5 m) and a longer one (L109, L110; length 11.5 m, width 1 m, depth 1.5 m) that led eastward to another room (L112; 2.0×2.5 m). Hand grenades discovered in the excavation area were turned over to the police bomb disposal unit.