1. Cairn (map ref. 200804/536056). A rectangular cairn (1.5 × 3.0 m) built of medium-sized stones (0.3–0.4 m) is located on leveled ground, near the southeastern slope of Ha-Makhtesh Ha-Gadol. This is probably a nomad’s grave.

2. Installation (map ref. 200546/535917). An elliptical installation (1.2 × 2.0 m) built of one row of small stones (0.2 m).

3. Encampment site (map ref. 200457/535881). The site is located on the northern bank of one of tributaries of Nahal Mamshit. Remains of walls built of medium and large stones (0.3–0.6 m), two square installations (0.4 × 0.6 m) and two cairns (diam. 1.5 m) were found within the precincts of the site (20 × 30 m; Fig. 2).

4. Cairn (map ref. 200367/535370). The cairn is round (diam. 1.2 m) and built of medium-sized stones (0.2–0.3 m).

5. A cairn field (map ref. 200557–76/535897–908). A cairn field (c. 20 × 30 m) is located along the southern bank of one of the tributaries of Nahal Mamshit, c. 10 m south of Installation 2. Two adjacent cairns (diam. 2 m) were in the eastern part of the field, which is delimited on its western and northern sides by walls built of large stones (0.4–0.5 m).