Elie Haddad
Extended report

Between December 2010 and March 2011, a trial excavation was conducted in Harish (Permit No. A-6064; map ref. 203082–5097/706473–8955), prior to the expansion of the town and following a preliminary survey (Oren and Yaroshevich 2011). The excavation, undertaken on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and financed by the Ministry of Housing, was directed by Eli Haddad. Alla Yaroshevich conducted the prehistoric survey in Area 4c and studied the flint finds, Yossi Nagar examined the human bones, Yael Gorin-Rosen studied the glass finds and Lior Rauchberger identified the clay pipes. The site yielded a knapping site from the Epipalaeolithic period alongside installations, terrace walls and a meager building remains indicating agricultural activity during the Late Roman and Byzantine periods.

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Oren E. and Yaroshevich A. 2011. Harish (East), Survey. HA-ESI 123.
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