The excavation was conducted on a steep slope in a mountainous desert area, about 3 km south of ‘En Boqeq (Gichon 1993) and about one kilometer northwest of Mezad Zohar (Erickson-Gini, Nahlieli and Kool 2017). In a survey conducted in the area (License No. S-959/2019; N. Lect Ben Ami, pers. comm.), walls and round installations were identified. A tiger trap, buildings, round installations and field walls were exposed c. 100 m south of the excavation (Mamalya 2019).

Two excavation areas were opened (A, B; Fig. 1): a wall preserved to a height of one course was exposed in Area A; and in Area B, two oval installations built of fieldstones preserved to a height of one course (Fig. 2) were exposed. No datable finds were found.