A north-south wall segment (W52; Figs. 2, 3) was exposed, constructed of two rows of stones. Under its foundations, pottery dating mostly from the late Byzantine period was recovered. The pottery, which dates the wall, included LRC/LRD imported bowls (Fig. 4:14) and bag-shaped jars (Fig. 4:58). In addition, under the wall foundations a few potsherds from the late Chalcolitic period were collected, including a large basin with rope decoration (Fig. 5:1), a V-shaped bowl (Fig. 5:4) and a fragment of a chalice foot (Fig. 5:6).

A probe next to the wall (L54L56), yielded pottery dating from the Chalcolithic period, including the base of a small bowl (Fig. 5:2), the base of a bowl (Fig. 5:3), a V-shaped bowl (Fig. 5:5) and a jar (Fig. 5:7).