An archaeological excavation was conducted in Kefar Shemaryahu, on the western side of Rehov Ha-Horesh (Permit No. A-3722*; map ref. NIG 183160–182/677265–305; OIG 133160–182/177265–305), in the wake of development work carried out by the local council and trial probes conducted by A. Dagot. Five squares were opened along the street. Fieldstone collapse in three of the squares was disturbed by modern activity. Bedrock was exposed c. 1.5 m below surface. Only non-diagnostic ribbed potsherds were found.

A single course of a wall, oriented northeast–southwest and built of kurkar stones, was exposed. Small and medium kurkar stones were scattered west of the wall and probably formed part of the collapse of the wall, which was destroyed by modern activity. Medium-sized kurkar stone collapse and some non-diagnostic potsherds were found in another square.