During June 2000 a development survey was conducted in Modi‘in (‘Mitham Buchman’; License No. G-96/2000*; map ref.  NIG 1998–2008/6432–8; OIG 1498–508/1432–8). The antiquities documented in the surveyed area (c. 700 dunam) included two concentrations of flint tools from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A and B periods, winepresses, rock-cuttings, terraces, stone heaps and cupmarks. On the slope of a low hill in the western part of the surveyed area settlement remains (150 × 200 m), consisting of building remains and installations, were recorded; pottery fragments from the Roman and Byzantine periods were collected from the area. Wall segments (width 1.5 m) that apparently enclose the settlement were documented on the western and southern fringes of the area. Water cisterns, winepresses and rock-cut tombs were recorded in the vicinity of the settlement remains.