A development survey, conducted in the Modi‘in region (Park ‘Anava; License No. G-105/01*; map ref. NIG 19924–20074/64470–545; OIG 14924–5074/14470–545) by M. Haiman and L. Barda on behalf of the Antiquities Authority, revealed a limekiln, two winepresses, agricultural terraces, cairns and ancient animal pens. The limekiln (diam. c. 5 m) was set into the soil and lined with small fieldstones; pottery fragments from the Roman–Byzantine periods were found nearby. The bedrock-hewn winepresses consisted of a rectangular treading surface (c. 1.5 × 2.0 m; c. 2.0 × 2.5 m) and a rectangular collecting vat (c. 0.7 × 0.9 m; c. 0.8 × 1.3 m). Rock-cut cupmarks (diam. c. 0.3 m) were located near one of the winepresses.