Horbat Hanut

Radwan Badhi and Etan Ayalon
Extended report

In July 1996, a salvage excavation was carried out in three burial caves on the southern margins of Horbat Hanut (map ref. 19865–70/68065–70; Permit No. A-2513; Badhi 1999); the caves were damaged while widening the entrance road to Kokhav Ya’ir and Zur Yig’al. The excavation, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, was directed by R. Badhi. A. Ayalon studied the ceramic finds and co-authored the report, R. Jackson-Tal studied the glass finds, Y. Dray studied the beads and buttons (spindle whorls?), V. Eshed wrote the anthropological report and D.T. Ariel identified the coins. The burial caves were in use from the end of the first century BCE or the first century CE until the mid-sixth century CE.


Badhi R. 1999. Horbat Hanut (A). ESI 19:34*–35*.



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