A single excavation square (25 sq m, depth 0.5 m) was opened beneath the floor of a circular observation post built of concrete and stones that was cast on the hilltop in the 1970s. A layer of sand (thickness c. 0.1 m) was found below the concrete level, overlaying fill of wadi soil and small pebbles (thickness c. 0.2 m), which was deposited on sterile soil. Several probe trenches were dug with the aid of a backhoe (max. depth c. 2.5 m). No finds were discovered in the square or the probe trenches, except for a dressed building stone that was exposed directly beneath the layer of fill in a probe trench, cut in the northwestern part of the excavation.
The excavation on the hill showed that no finds remained on the hilltop, other than part of a building stone. It seems that following the removal of the mosaic floor and before the construction of the concrete circle for the observation post, the area was leveled and all the archeological remains were obliterated.