The survey area extends across a kurkar hill, c. 1 km southwest of Qibbuz Or Ha-Ner, on the southern bank of Nahal Shiqma (Fig. 1). The area is bounded in the east and west by Nahal Ner and Nahal Mardim, which flow to the Nahal Shiqma wadi channel. The entire survey area is covered with low dense vegetation and planted trees (Figs. 2, 3). A commemorative monument is built on top of the hill in the middle of the survey area. The region had been documented in the past within the Map of Sederot survey (96). To the north of the survey area is the declared antiquity site of Horbat Killim, which is situated on the northern bank of Nahal Shiqma and where building remains, an olive press, architectural elements and potsherds from the Byzantine period were documented within the Map of Sederot survey. Another declared antiquities site, Khirbat Umm Tabun, is located c. 300 m southeast of the survey area; architectural remains, cisterns, a well, mosaic pavements and marble fragments, dating to the Byzantine period, were documented at this site within the Map of Sederot survey. The survey was conducted on foot and meager potsherd scatterings from the Byzantine and Late Ottoman periods were documented.