Three sites were surveyed (1–3; Fig. 1):
1 (map ref. 168759/638478). Remains of two perpendicular walls built of beach rock (length 2–3 m).
2 (map ref. 168858/638460). A flint scatter (diam. c. 50 m) from the Epipaleolithic period, including tools, cores and debitage, on a hamra outcrop that descends toward the south and is covered in the north by a dune.
3 (map ref. 168800/638600). A flint scatter (diam. c. 30 m) from the Epipaleolithic period including tools, cores and debitage, in a leveled area and on a hamra outcrop, most of which is covered by a sand dune.
Other sites of the period are probably still covered with sand dunes.