The survey area (770 dunams) extends c. 3 km northwest of Mizpe Ramon, next to Highway 171 (Fig. 1). This is a flat area with a low hill along its southeastern side; twenty-four sites (1–24) were documented. On the level ground, in shallow wadi channels, twenty farming terrace walls (1–13, 18–24), built of one row of fieldstones (length 15–30 m) and preserved a single course high, were documented. Remains of four elliptical buildings (14–17; 3×4 m),  built of upright stone slabs with small stones between them, were documented in the area of the hill. Several non-diagnostic flint flakes were gathered from around the buildings.
Farmsteads, threshing floors and farming terraces dating to the Byzantine period were documented in another survey in 2010 that was conducted southwest of the current one (License No. S-214/2010).