The stone quarry was hewn in soft chalk; severance channels and rock-cut walls were discerned, from which variously-sized building stones were produced. The quarry continued further east, beyond the limits of the excavation.
The two pits (L101: 0.50 × 0.85 m, depth 0.3 m; L102: 0.55 × 1.00 m, depth 0.35 m) were rectangular and were integrated into the southern part of the quarry.
The pits revealed in the excavation join seven other pits that were discovered to the east of the salvage excavation. They were apparently intended for use as burial cave shafts; however, their quarrying was never completed. Judging by the number of shafts discovered in the two excavations and their distribution over a small area, it would appear that this is a burial ground. The location of the pits/shafts around the quarry indicates that they were installed after the quarry was no longer in use.