Rock Surfaces. Eight rock surfaces (average dimensions 7 × 6 m) were found to contain cupmarks (average diam. 0.25 m).

Underground Cavities. Three underground cavities (average diam. 1.4 m)

Natural Caves. Two entrances to natural caves (average entrance width 7.5 m).

Agricultural Terraces. Four retaining walls of agricultural terraces (average length 6.5 m, average width 0.8 m) were preserved to the height of a single course.

Rock-Cuttings. Five square rock cuttings (average dimensions 1.5 × 2.0 m; Fig. 2).

Stone-Clearance Heaps. Three stone-clearance heaps (average circumference 3.3 m) contained small and medium-sized stones.

Cupmarks. Six rock-cut cupmarks (average diam. 0.5 m, depth 0.25 m).

Winepresses. One simple winepress comprising treading floor (L103; 2 × 2 m; Fig. 3) and a collecting vat (L115; 0.5 × 1.0 m, depth 1 m).

One complex winepress comprising a treading floor (L207; 3.4 × 4.0 m; Fig. 4), two collecting vats (L209—0.5 × 0.7 m; L208—1.20 ×1.45 m) and a sump (L218; diam. 0.4 m).

Arcosolium. One arcosolium (L107; 0.8 × 2.1 m, excavated depth 1.6 m; Fig. 5) belonging to a Double-Arcosolia Tomb.