Lod, Ha-Shalom Park

Daniel Weinberger
Final Report
In March and April 2004–2006, study excavations were carried out beside the ‘Chicago’ Community Center in Park Ha-Shalom in the city of Lod (Permit nos. A-4277, A-4377, A-4708; map. Ref. 190700/651330). The excavations, on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority and underwritten by the Lod municipality, were directed by D. Weinberger, Y. Shlomo and G. Shaviv, and assisted by A. Bachar (administration) and O. Shmueli (Israel Antiquities Authority Central District). Fourth graders from the city of Lod, taking a year-long course in archaeology, took part in an excavation day during the school year.
One square was opened c. 150 m east of Khan el-Hilu (Gadot, Cytryn-Silverman and De‘adle 2008) and c. 300 m to the west of the third-fourth century Roman villa adorned with figurative mosaics (Gorzalczany 2018). The excavations uncovered a layer of modern refuse devoid of archaeological findings—apparently refuse from the nearby Khan, which was in use up to the end of the British Mandate period—and the excavation project was subsequently terminated.

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