Alone Yizhaq

Daniel Weinberger
Final Report
During the 2010 school year, a study excavation was carried out on the grounds of the Alone Yizhaq youth village (Alonei Yitzhak; Permit No. A-5819; map ref. 200548–899/712911–3082). The excavation, undertaken by the Israel Antiquities Authority and underwritten by the youth village, was directed by D. Weinberger and D. Planer, with the assistance of A. Bachar (administration) and E. Kashi (education department, IAA Central District). The excavation was part of an archaeology study program for tenth graders.

A natural bedrock outcrop was cleared of alluvial soil and modern refuse. Antiquities had been found in the past near the youth village (Zeligman 1974; Gadot and Tepper 2009: Site 207). The students learned about the work of the archaeologist and the associated disciplines. No archaeological finds were discovered.


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Gadot Y. and Tepper Y. 2009. Map of Regavim (49) (Archaeological Survey of Israel).
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