Sidna ‘Ali

Diego Barkan and Ayelet Dayan
Final Report
In January 2015, a Corinthian marble capital, which was found at the site of Sidna ‘Ali, was turned over to the Israel Antiquities Authority. The capital had been found in the yard of a home in Herzliyya Pituah. It was documented by D. Barkan and A. Dayan.
The capital (bottom diam. 0.23 m, top width 0.28–0.30 m, top diagonals 0.33–0.38 m, height 0.18 m; Fig. 1) is decorated with a single row of leaflets: four acanthus leaves that meet to create a symmetrical geometric form of a small rhomboid with a pentagon above it. The main vein of the acanthus is emphasized with vertical parallel lines down to the base, from which emerge diagonal leaflets with a grooved vein in their center. The abacus (top of the capital) is divided horizontally into two undecorated strips with a groove. At the center of each of its four sides, where the acanthus flower usually is situated, is a rough, unworked geometrical shape.
Such capitals were placed atop small columns and are dated to the Roman period (second–third centuries CE). Similar capitals were found in Caesarea (Aviram 1998:129, Capitals 170, 172, 173), Bet Guvrin (Geri 2008:42), Greece (Kautzsch 1936: Pls. 17, 239) and Salona (Kautzsch 1936: Pls. 2, 14, 19).
A survey of Sidna ‘Ali yielded pottery from the Byzantine, Mamluk and Ottoman periods (Barkan and Dayan 2018). However, it is near Arsuf-Apollonia, where building remains from the Roman period have been uncovered in the past. It is thus reasonable to conclude that the original provenance of the capital was Arsuf-Apollonia, and that in a later period it was brought over to Sidna ‘Ali for secondary use.

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